The company MERCI, s.r.o. provides guarantee and after-guarantee service for own assembled compositions of laboratory furniture.

The assembly of laboratory furniture will be realized from educated assembly teams. Their work will be finished after audits and functional tests, operators training and handover of all relevant documentation and guidelines.

We distribute our own sets of laboratory furniture with our own transport service to the place of assembly directly or we can package it specially (for example sea transport).

We are providing service of all MERCI® products :

  • fume cupboards and media distributing lines
  • laboratory and office furniture
  • safety cabinets
  • laminar boxes

The quality of services will be ensured via certified quality system ČSN EN ISO 9001. The quality guarantee of our services is a team of qualified and periodically trained technicians.

We also perform periodical service inspections and offer special conditions when signing a service contract.

Don´t be afraid to contact us! We have a solution for every problem and will help You too.

Your Team MERCI